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March in New Zealand


A month of New Beginnings - again!

We finally boght a car - well a truck or for the Aussie, a 4WD. We have been blessed by friends who went on holiday and lent us their little run about but we finally have wheels and it is very exciting!


She's been well used and well loved and well, we love it too. I'm loving the height advantage.

Our other new addition in our Puppy Clifford. It has been an on going love hate relationship with he and Eleni. She has had a fear of dogs for sometime but seems to now be happier with him but unfortunately that includes some form of torture known as 'hugs'.



March has also seen Eleni's big countdown, preschool graduation, 5th birthday and starting big school. Its a very exciting time for her and us. We are still reeling at the fact is come to that time. She grows rapidly before our eyes and her struggles between being independent (I can it Mummy) to still being my little baby and needing Mummy reminds us that this time is also overwhelming for her. She is a treasure and we are looking forward to this time with her.

And as for Mummy, she has made her own big move to school. Yes I am back at school. Its daunting and overwhelming and exciting all at the same time but with Eleni off soon I guess I need to get busy again!

And our ultimate new beginning is another change of address. We have opted to tough it out down by the lake, bigger house, more rooms, more room for parties and friends and family (of course). Its a torture, the view, the wildlife but someone has to do it.


So there's our catch with so much more to come. Watch closely for Eleni's big updates next month!

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NZ Jan/Feb catchup


So wonderful Summer continued and we toured to local area some more. The Redwoods were on top of the list and with Miss Eleni's Christmas bike in tow (and Flat Stanley) we had a wonderful wander. It is a forest palned full of California Rewoods which borders Scion. A truely spctaculare area with kilometers of tracks to walk, run, cycle or horse ride through.


An enormous part of the New Zealand lifesstyle especially in Rotorua is mountain biking and water craft. The top of my Christmas list has always been a kayak but its evenmore sonow we are here. New Years Day we had the opportunity to go down to on of the numerous lakes here and spend some time paddling. Sorry to say for me the water was still freezing, but it was beautiful!



I think Rotorua as a home just may work!

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New Zealand Update


With have had so much happening since the turn of the year and yes we have been VERY bad at the blog but its update time.

Our year started with a fun time, the arrival of Flat Stanley! He was a class assignment for a cousin of MArtin's and we got to show him the sights of Rotorua while doing the tourist thing ourselves!


As part of the Flat Stanley tour we FINALLY got to visit Wikite. After hearing the locals talk about it so much we arrived and it is awesome. 5 pools of varying temperatures to soak. Private and family pools in beautiful surroundings, so much to see, so little to do!



As you can see, it was a welcome ay to start the year. Summer was late coming, still a little cool in January, so different from Brisbane! We loved the Summer while it was here and have realised we will need to relish it even more as it doesnt stay for log and truely never gets as hot as we have been use to!

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How do you choose a Christmas tree?

sunny 19 °C

We go to a scientific research institute of course!

SCION as its affectionately known was once the forestry research instutue so so has a mass nursery, as parto f the nursery they plant and grow 100 trees a year and sell for a bargain price of $10. We thought you'd enjoy our pics of our foray into the woods for our tree picking!




You have to love the experience!!!

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In memory

-17 °C

I just wanted to say a little farewell to a special person.

Sadly I didn't have a lot of time to get know him but I enjoyed the time I had.

He was an honest straight forward person, you always knew where you stood, I really liked that.

We really will miss him and I'm only sorry there is no more time, on Earath any way.

So until next time Papou Charlie, you are loved and missed muchly!



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