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NZ or bust!

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So here we - the fun and far out world of New Zealand, or Rotorua to be exact. Did you guess?


Marty scored an awesome job at a nearby company and it really is an excellent opportunity. this one is finally a permanent job so we will be bucking the trend and be Aussies moving to New Zealand and a long term basis. If you don't know apparently thousands of Kiwis are moving to OZ so now is the time to buy property in NZ!

I think it will take a little while to sort everything out but the change over has been made easy, furniture arrived in 3 weeks, a week before I came. So eleni and Marty were in home surrounded by boxes before I'd even stepped foot in the country. Now that was good planning.

So I've now been here 4 and a half weeks which means Marty and Eleni have been here 8 and a half. Oh, if you didnt know they came over while I finished the school term. We've met some wonderfully friendly people especially from Marty's work. Traversed the wilds of the local bus system and even had a chance to party!

Marty's 33rd birthday was celebrated in our new home and even though he didnt get snow he did gt a new BBQ and a chance to cook for some locals, that was fun!



Yes we miss our friends both in Oz and Montreal but it is nice to finally have some permanancy. To know where we will be for at least the next few years. That is truely a great relief and joy. With Eleni starting school next year its also one less worry, that is where in the world she would be going!

So here we, a great place to holiday and I think it will be a great place to live (especially on

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