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Running around Rotorua

Ekiden relay race

overcast 12 °C


After being talked into joining a group of Mokoia staff in their relay team, and a very few weeks training time, Jen ran an 8 km (5 mile) relay leg as part of the 42.5 km (27 mile ish) relay race around Lake Rotorua.


She did really well, stoked with her personal best time. She did appreciate being cheered on by Eleni & I, her team mates and a special spiritual moment. We're really proud of her and she is stoked with her race.


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Starting soccer

Eleni's first soccer practice

sunny 12 °C

Eleni's school newsletter advertised for 5 year olds to play soccer. She had her first get together and practice session on Friday after school.


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Yes in Rotorua, Yes in May

snow 7 °C

Just a quick note to say last Thursday morning Jen spotted snow on the mountains on her way into work, so Martin grabbed the camera to take pics on the way to Eleni's school.


This is a mountain in the Redwood forest behind Martin's work and on our way into town.


This is a hillside on the way to Jen's school. The blanket of snow persisted until after lunch time.

We have all realised that we miss snow, but weren't expecting much snow in Rotorua, and certainly not this early in the year.

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The Rest of April

overcast 15 °C

No one would think that during the month of April other things were going on but there was.

A wonderful moment amidst the family fanfare was our 10th anniversary. My wonderful husband organised a lovely breakfast on the paddleboat on Lake Rotorua and then a helicopter ride over the area. very spoily and a lovely time. We spent the weekend with family at Papamoa near Mt Manganui. It was a special time looking back our lives, family around and time to relax.



We have also had a wonderful sightseeing and enjoying our family. Its been a special month of love and laugher and lots of culture and food. So now we are looking forward to a quieter month, getting to school and planting a few more roots.


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Eleni's big month


And now we're in April!!!!!! This is a month of Eleni countdowns. the rest of us take a back seat as Eleni counts down to the most exciting month ever.

1. The Wiggles! I have to admit to being very upset about this one. Booked when I wasn't working Eleni got to wander off with Daddy for this one. Waiting for years until I thought she'd be old enough to really appreciate Daddy gets the reward. And yes he admits to enjoying it!


And did I mention it was right next to where they were setting up for the V8s?!


2. The arrival of Nanny and Cousin Edward.

Another big drive for Daddy and Eleni while Mummy worked. Off to Auckland to pick up Nanny and Edward. Oh and Daddy just happened to fnd out that the dinosaurs were in town so guess where the first stop was after the airport!


3. The Gradulation

No you didnt read wrong, its a very cute. The kids at preschool all use this word for when they leave preschool. A chocolate cake with M&Ms and a beautiful ceremony where children and kids alike shared some beautiful memories of Eleni. A few tears shed and a really lovely time.


4. The arrival of Papou and Yiayia.

Papou and Yiayia crossed the ditch next in preparation for Eleni's big day - turning 5. It was very special to have so many family members here to clebrate what for us and Eleni is a very special time.


5. The Party.

Eleni has been planning this day for a very long time. With moving around alot especially right near her birthday, her birthday had generally been filled with our friends and this year it was all about Eleni. She choose who was there, her cake and what it was about. We had a lovely time, fun by the children was had by all and I think the adult even did too! We are proud of the little girl Eleni is growing into and the friends she has chosen at such a young age is a wonderful reflection of her personality.


6. School

So 2 days after turning 5 leni was off to School. A very special day and we were all blessed to be a par of it. Nanny, Edward, Papou and Yiayia extended their trip so they could be there and that mad eit even more special with Yiayia cooking a french toast for a special school breakfast! Miss E is looking so grown up now, oh boy. But we love her dearly and any fears of melt downs were washed away as she happily went into class and joined in straight away - a very proud day!


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